Simple, Fun Leisure Activities to Do at Home

Our days are so full that we often forget to find small, fun or light leisure activities at home. More people are turning to the simple things in life for true pleasure. It is often these that nurture our soul and well-being rather than purchasing yet another new item.

Sometimes we choose leisure activities just to relax. On other occasions we choose ones that push us a little out of our comfort zone. Our intuition may also nudge us to resume something we enjoyed when we were much younger.

What gifts are there for us in making time for fun leisure activities? The obvious gift is time to relax, which greatly increases our sense of well-being. Leisure activities can take us out of our left, thinking brain and make space for our imagination and creativity to bubble up. It is in these circumstances that our intuition thrives.

Leisure activities show us new sides to ourselves, aspects we may never have known existed.

So make a habit in your day to be like a child: just being spontaneous, being playful, having fun and being in the moment.



The word “create” literally means to bring something into existence. It does not mean you need to be a Michelangelo or Picasso. It only means we need to “produce” something. There is no judgment or assessment implied.

What do I observe other adults doing? The women are baking, quilting, crocheting, making bears for charity. Others plant shrubs that attract bees and butterflies to their garden.   All kinds of bird feeders are made to encourage a variety of birds.

More women are being drawn back to the old ways of making their own preserves or baking their own bread. There is nothing more rewarding than actually being able to see what you have produced. Part of the fun is the learning process.

Recently I heard two men openly talk about wanting to test themselves. An accountant was keen to bake a tarte tatin purely because he loved the sound of the word! Another newly retired manager baked his first chocolate cake.



Playing is about doing activities that are for fun and pleasure. What music do you play at home? A career woman described how she used to put on a certain piece of music loudly and dance with her 4 year old daughter. This became a ritual.

When she was 18 and happened to hear the song the daughter asked her whether she recalled them dancing to the piece. As you can imagine she choked up. That precious ritual will always be remembered. It is these spontaneous moments that our children will cherish.

How about photographing the ordinary in your life: Scenes that depict your day to day realities? No, not the perfect model house, instead life as it is. Capture some typical scenes that reflect your life. It is these things that our children will laugh about one day.

Build a puzzle. Learn a new hobby. The next time you have a fleeting thought of trying something new, go ahead and start. See it as a process with no expectations of having to produce anything. Rather focus on the fun of exploring and seeing where it takes you.



Some truly special times are sitting out in nature and observing. Can you be in the moment and absorb the energy and surroundings? What do you notice about your environment and what do you learn from nature’s way of dealing with situations?

When last did you make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and quietly sit and enjoy it without thinking about what to do next?


Return to what matters

A manager still takes time to write handwritten letters to certain significant people in his life. He commented on how one of the recipients said she has a ritual of making a cup of tea and taking her time to read them. A retired MD shared how he still writes hand-written notes to business associates.

Have you ever thought of writing to those people who have had a positive impact on your life? It really touches hearts to share a few words of appreciation in this busy world.

You best know your personality and what leisure activities would work for you. Instead of only thinking about doing something, start somewhere. You may be interested to explore ways to improve your emotional well-being through leisure activities.


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