As an Executive or Business Owner you are often expected to ‘cope’ well in all kinds of circumstances. In reality you mostly end up wearing a mask for the outer world, keeping your true thoughts and feelings to yourself. Relentless pressure and continuous demands will take their toll on your performance at some stage, no matter how resilient you may consider yourself, unless you take timeous action.

It is imperative therefore to have strong support systems. These create an opportunity for reflection, act as a mirror of your performance and provide some respite from the daily demands to review your performance.

In my experience Executives and Business Owners have a definite need for a professional and trusted confidant. Someone who can act as a sounding board or with whom they can share their inner world and challenges.

This service covers a variety of aspects around your health risk and emotional wellness. Furthermore it equips you to recognise the different types of stresses that impact on your performance. We also establish your inherent coping styles.

You will learn to “read” and manage the warning signs that may put you at risk. You will also learn healthy coping mechanisms to ensure your on-going well-being.

The focus of this service is to support Executives or Business Owners who:

  • Need an outlet to express their deeper thoughts and emotions around their experiences at work and within their home life
  • May be feeling unsettled, out of control, restless or not themselves
  • May be concerned about how they are managing all the demands made on them
  • May be at risk of suffering from anxiety, depression or any condition that may be negatively affecting their mental or emotional well-being
  • May be suffering from some serious or chronic health condition.

An initial in-take assessment is conducted, after which the client and I will agree on the nature of the support (expected outcomes, number of sessions, etc).