PsychMastery Approach

What I believe

I believe that seeking help is much more than a coach or therapist applying a model to solve a problem. Being truly heard and “seen” by another is where the magic happens.

Here at Psychmastery I believe you have the answers within you. Sometimes however, you may lose perspective or be uncertain as to how to deal with a situation.  You may value a professional sounding board. I help you identify the cause of a problem as opposed to dealing with the superficial symptoms. In this way you can achieve real change instead of a temporary quick fix.

Your greatest battles are most likely more within you as opposed to in your external world. It is vital to understand yourself and human behaviour better if you want to grow. You can become your own ally instead of battling your inner demons. In this way you start to feel alive and live life more fully.

Circumstances in life will nudge and sometimes push you to become more aware. You can choose to ignore the subtle promptings. But, these will most likely become more pronounced until you are forced to sit up and listen. Self-awareness is about hearing these calls and finding the underlying messages. After all, life is about learning lessons timeously.

What I offer

At Psychmastery I offer you a safe space to talk about matters that are close to your heart. Dropping your masks enables you to connect with your true self. As a result you will move forward in a way that resonates with you.

I offer you an integrated, metaphysical way of looking at your life. This means considering all levels of your being.  Consequently you will feel more together and at ease.

I act as a mirror to reflect back the positive aspects about you that you may not recognise or ignore or have forgotten about. I also mirror back your unconscious side: those aspects that hinder your progress or well-being. Through deep listening I am able to cut to the core of matters. Working with both your gifts as well as your blind spots becomes a fun and playful journey.

I offer you a safe space to sit with what is uncomfortable. And in the process new insights and learnings bubble to the surface. You will gently move forward into a different way of being and seeing your world. As a result you will rediscover the spark within you and find new ways to live and be in the world.