I have been touched deeply and transformed by numerous non – religious ceremonies held for a variety of reasons.  Each of these ceremonies marked a distinct transition, celebration or honouring. E.g. a special birthday, the naming of a piece of land, leaving the corporate world, a memorial celebrating a friend’s passing, initiation of a pre-teen, farewell to a pet, a period of transition, the last hours of my husband’s life as he transitioned to the spirit world, etc.

During ceremony a feeling of sacredness enters the gathering space unexpectedly. The change in atmosphere is profound and tangible. Often you sense a sudden and deep silence. It is as if the gathering is transformed.  

Being open to the mystery of the unseen world brings gifts and lasting impacts that we can never imagine.  Sometimes the impact is even difficult to put into words. We just know that we have been touched. And as a result  we feel different.

The purpose of ceremony is to help you manage periods of transition or celebrate achievements or milestones in a more meaningful way.

I facilitate ceremonies for individuals, couples, families or teams.  I personally believe that ceremony is a way of finding common ground when bringing different cultures together. It is a neutral platform which bonds participants. As a result everyone present experiences a deep and heartfelt change.

Ceremony is a vehicle for bringing about deep inner change. It transforms you.

If you feel drawn to using ceremony to facilitate inner transformation, growth or healing, contact me.