I offer customised packages tailored to your personal needs and vision. My coaching approach is holistic. So, we will explore the role of the mind, body and spirit connection in your behaviour. The coaching packages I offer generally fall in the following 3 categories:

Problem directed option

This coaching is problem focussed. We work mainly with symptoms. The aim is to address a specific and clearly defined challenge. Typically there is an issue that needs to be resolved within a short space of time. Sessions address matters affecting your productivity, relationships, decision making ability, etc.

Personal transformation

Here coaching assists you to delve deeper into the underlying causes of challenges. The focus is on your inner processes as opposed to the external world.  We explore your beliefs and thought patterns. We will also delve into your emotions, coping styles, health practices. Furthermore, we visit the lessons you are here to learn in this life time. We review the impact these have on your approach, effectiveness or level of contentment in life.

We uncover deep seated personal and unconscious issues. It is often these aspects that directly impact how we see or react to the world. 

Well-being or health issues usually indicate unresolved aspects in life. Or they may highlight unhelpful coping strategies or patterns of behaviour. So we explore the origin and find ways to deal with the root causes more holistically.

Deep work and a trusted space

This option involves a monthly retainer. It is usually for an extended period of time e.g. 12 – 36 months.

Here coaching facilitates self-insight, personal growth and self – mastery. Typically you may be in a newly appointed senior position or head up your own business. Or you find yourself in some kind of transition. It is who you are as a person and what you stand for, that determines the way forward. How well you know yourself and how conscious you are of your behaviour, shapes your responses and performance. Having a professional sounding board plays a vital role in your success and level of fulfilment.

Coaching offers a safe and confidential space for considered self-reflection and self-exploration. From my experience, longer term coaching brings about fundamental and deep inner change which occurs with years of a trusted, professional relationship.


I offer coaching locally (face to face or on – line) as well as internationally via secure on – line platforms.

How do I chose a coach?

It is vital that you feel some connection with your coach from the start. So at the in – take session you will have an idea if you would like to work with me. Do you feel emotionally safe with me? Do you “click” with me? Does my way of working resonate with you? If not, you have every right to step away and find another coach or therapist. The “fit” between you and I is a crucial component for our work to be effective.


You may have specific aspects you would like to target. So I have designed interventions covering the following topics: 







If you want to find out more about coaching, contact me.