In my view, so many of the so-called mental and emotional illnesses of today are symptoms of a “disconnect” between our true self and our soul’s calling. You may be caught up in continuous external demands or your own inner anxieties or fears. As a result your well-being may be seriously compromised. This can lead to mental, emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances.

However, instead of being diagnosed with some unhelpful label, rather see this as a sign from your soul. You need to be aware of and take care of all levels of your well-being. Your soul may be trying to attract your attention. It may be trying to tell you something in your life is out of balance. So embrace this message. And see it is a time to explore helpful, inspiring and empowering ways to return to your real self.

My approach is to partner with you in this process so that you can learn to love yourself, be comfortable with being human and love living life.

I follow a holistic approach in my psychotherapy. So we will explore the connection between the mind, emotions and spirit.