Questions for Daily Introspection

You may well wonder why it is important to make time for daily introspection. Your days may already be so full that you lack the time to sit back, even for a few minutes, never mind making time to think. This fast-paced world is placing undue demands on us mentally.

So why make time for introspection?

For me there are three obvious advantages to making time for introspection:

  • The first thought that comes to mind is that introspection gives us time to review our life from a higher perspective.
  • Introspection also gives us an opportunity to assess all aspects of our life, not only our work or our career.
  • Through introspection we are able to reflect with gratitude on the innumerable blessings and gifts in our life.

Questions can vary between quite superficial questions to much deeper ones. In interviews I conducted with highly successful business men they all said that they make time to think about their work and careers, but seldom about their life as a whole.

So here are some questions to consider.

Reviewing your life

When is the best time for you to do introspection?  It could be at the end of a working day when the office is quiet. Or perhaps it is after dinner when the children have gone to bed and you have some alone time in your study. Some people like to combine introspection with exercise such as walking or running.

How do you feel about your life currently? Do a mini stock-taking. Is there anything you would like to have different?

What is happening in your life currently? Are there areas you could pay more attention to e.g. connecting with a spouse or your children or making time for exercise, better eating habits? How much effort are you putting into friendships? How do you feel about what you have achieved with or experienced in your life so far? What else would you like to experience or do?

Assessing your life

Do you have some habits that no longer serve you? What are the key driving forces in your life? It is important to remember as we progress through life that our priorities and passions may change. Introspection allows us time to get in touch with our inner world. Have any shifts occurred within you that you need to note?

What niggly aspects are trying to gain your attention? Are there any relationships that are unsettled? How are you feeling health-wise? Our busy lives quickly silence the small inner voice trying to tell us that something is not quite right.

To what extent are you investing in those aspects or people that are the most important in your life? What fleeting thoughts come to mind that are actually quite significant and can be pursued further?


When we live a good or privileged life it is easy to take so much for granted. Gratitude enables us to give thanks for the countless blessings and gifts in our lives.

Take some time for introspection to determine what you appreciate or value about yourself? What do you enjoy about your spouse or children? Have you shared this with them? A few words of care, compassion and admiration go a long way to make others feel loved and seen as people.

What all do you have that you are truly grateful for? Looking back what have the hidden blessings been from difficult times in your life? Give thanks each day for something, no matter how small. Make this a thoughtful exercise as opposed to rambling off the most obvious aspects.

In essence introspection allows us to connect with our heart and soul. It allows us for a short while to get off the treadmill of activity and to stop and think…….. Introspection brings us a more conscious life where we can make considered and deliberate decisions. We connect with our own inner voice and guidance through introspection.

In what way is each of us leaving a positive mark on the lives of others? What are we each doing that feeds our soul? What makes you feel whole, alive and blessed to be alive? If you would like to explore any of these questions life coaching will facilitate this inner process.


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