How to Stay Energised while Running Your Business

The ability to stay energised while establishing and growing your business is an on-going challenge for entrepreneurs. The reality is that you will experience on-going challenges. And there will be times that you feel less equipped to respond positively.

Reality check

Even if you are truly passionate about your business and love what you do, there will be tests. These are unavoidable. These will affect your ability to stay energised. Of course we know and understand this at an intellectual level. It is completely different to accept it on a day to day level when we live through the trials! At times it may feel as if the tests are relentless.

I witness business owners feeling panic stricken and driven to do more. They put in more hours even if it is at the expense of relationships with their significant others. I see them neglect their health because there is no time to eat or snack on something healthy. Insomnia and colds are ignored as warning signs to slow down and find balance. It is as if a clock is ticking and they are rushed off their feet to win a race.

This frenetic pace is not sustainable in the long run. Over time the business owners will struggle to stay energised.

Some business owners experience periods of self-doubt filled with questions as to whether they are on track. Surely if they were the journey would be easier? This belief is reinforced by reading of other entrepreneurs who have made it. Out of interest some time ago I googled several local businesses that had been given rave reviews in local magazines only to find that very few still existed! It is easy to have an idea. It is completely different to turn it into a successful and sustainable business.

So how do you stay energised through the harsh realities of establishing a business?

Some ideas

So what have I observed in coaching business owners:

Focus on your passion and what energises you. Mark is in manufacturing. He worked his way up in the business and now owns it. He thrives on doing business. Negotiating and making business deals motivates him. This helps him stay energised at work. Donna loves making jewelry out of gemstones. So she loses herself in being creative. Why doubt yourself when you are doing what you really enjoy and where you heart is?

Stop the negative self-talk. Brenda has this on-going inner conversation where she puts herself down. This inner critic is breaking down her self – esteem. So she is learning to stop herself in her tracks when it happens. Instead she slows down and is more gentle with herself. This helps her stay energised during trying times.

Breathe deeply. When we are stressed our breathing is shallow. This means oxygen fails to reach both sides of the brain. As a result our emotions feel overwhelming and out of control. Breathing from our stomach ensures oxygen reaches both sides of our brain. So there is better balance between the thinking and emotional sides of our brain. We feel more relaxed.

Pace yourself. Of course you will feel as if everything “should” have been done yesterday. Whenever you use the words “should, must, have to” see these as red lights. You do not have to do anything! That is your inner critic trying to control you and erode your self-confidence. Stop and ask yourself what you would prefer to do or focus on.

Stay away from drama. The world today is full of drama stories. Without us realising it these stories steal our energy. I know several business owners who deliberately ignore the news. They found that their psyche was being affected negatively.

Spend time in nature. It may sound like a luxury but some time in nature every week is nurturing. It also brings perspective. When we are quiet in nature we leave space for our intuition to surface.

Play. Yes I did write play! This could be having a playful mind set where you are willing to experiment and explore without being attached to the end result. Playing uses our right brain, the creative side of our brain. The right brain is crucial for business.

As long as we are caught up in busy-ness we are unable to hear ourselves. Learning to be quiet allows you to access the answers within you and take care of your well-being. Being healthy mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually will carry you in your journey to fulfillment and success.




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