How to Uncover Your Calling

Each of us has something from within that drives us to discover and live out our Calling. I have seen how “finding” our Calling concerns people of all age groups. When we have found our calling and accepted it, we are better able possibly to endure and enjoy what our path brings us.


So what have I observed in working with people? Let me share a few case studies.

Elly was born to care for others. She was a nurse by profession. This was her true Calling. Her gentle nature enables her to relate to others easily and to make them feel comfortable in her presence. Even in her retirement she helps others in their retirement village. Elly is selfless and feels energised when she makes life easier for someone else.

David loves the thrill of building a business. He knows himself well enough to know he loses interest when the business requires on-going management. In addition, he also enjoys travelling and experiencing different cultures. His Calling is linked to his fear of boredom. He loves new projects and meeting new people.

Geoff had a dream of being an entrepreneur. He started a company and now employs around 30 staff. Although this was his dream he never realised it would take so much work.

He is a “Work in Progress”, still working out what his true Calling is. He thinks about the life style he would really like to have. His current business takes too much of his time and energy so he is working on other ventures that he hopes will free up his time. Geoff would also like to make a positive contribution to society and is still trying work out what that would be.

Elly knew her Calling at a young age. David discovered his through taking opportunities that he found energising. Geoff is on a journey of self-discovery.

How to find your calling

So where do we start? Discovering our true Calling may be a journey for some of us where others just know intuitively what they want to do. It is important that we honour our own path in uncovering our Calling. After all, the answer lies within us…. if we are willing to hear our inner voice.

Here are a few ways to connect with the innate force that leads to our Calling:

Revisit your childhood

If we look carefully there are often clues in our childhood. Were there specific objects or activities that fascinated you or occupied you for hours? What sparked your interest or energised you? Was there an event or person who had a significant impact on your life at a young age? Were there certain games you played often and what do these symbolise for you now? Take some time to ponder on the questions. What is the underlying message?

Connect the dots

What activities or tasks continuously grab your attention? Is there a common thread among these? What can you do for hours without losing focus or interest?

Imaginary lives

If you could live five imaginary lives, what would these be? Explore why you have chosen these specific lives. What would each of these lives bring to you? How can you incorporate elements of these lives into your life? Perhaps you do not need to live one of these lives but only incorporate what that life would add to your journey.

Meaningful life

Imagine yourself one day sitting in your rocking chair on a sunny porch, thinking back over your life. What would you consider to be a successful and meaningful life? If you forget about the material or external benefits such as a large house, fancy vehicles, etc. what mark would you like to make. How would you want other people to remember you?

The challenge for us is to find our Calling and then follow it. It really is never too late to begin to explore what feeds your soul and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin.

If you feel you are a little out of sync with your Calling, you would find life coaching useful. This would give you the opportunity in a safe space to explore the real you, beneath the masks.


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