Coping in life

As much as we plan or prepare, life throws unexpected situations at us. As a result, we end up in the territory of surprises, shocks, trauma, uncertainty, etc. While we are wired to deal with short periods of stress, chronic or intense stress may well lead to compromised health or well-being.  Apart from the inner stress of trying to “cope”, we  sit with the additional pressure of how the external world expects us to respond.  This increases your stress levels further.

We are only human. And sometimes we need a safe place to go to regroup, rest and find ourselves again.

This intervention covers core aspects around stress. As a result you will gain a better understanding of what affects you and how you cope. You will learn holistic ways to address stress in your life. Complete Stress Checklist



This intervention helps you to:

  • Identify and “read” the warning signs of stress
  • Learn about key causes of stress
  • Understand the impact of your thought patterns on your well-being
  • Understand  the role of emotions in stress
  • Develop constructive ways of mastering emotions
  • Understand how relationships affect stress levels
  • Understand how your lifestyle affects your response to stress
  • Identifying deeper causes and unhelpful patterns in our life

Contact me if you want to learn to manage your reaction to stress or are experiencing on-going health problems.