Synchronicities are unexpected, inexplicable occurrences often as an answer to internal wishes or intentions. Carol Adrienne describes it as “an apparently chance encounter that nevertheless seems cosmically orchestrated.”  This shows that there is some invisible force at play. Synchronicities are events or happenings that bring people together or connect people with information in a way that cannot be explained in a rational or logical way. Another name for this is coincidence.

Synchronicities happen at many different levels, with a hierarchy of importance. E.g. Typical day to day examples are where you think of someone and they call you or you bump into them. Then there are the other examples where at a much deeper level you have had a dream to do something and then an opportunity arises. E.g. You would like to work with a certain organisation and then meet someone who opens doors there for you.

Synchronicities are about bringing some deeper awareness to the surface. A synchronistic event in itself means nothing. It is the meaning we ascribe to it, that is important. The meaning we take is directly related to the intention or desire we had at the time.  Coincidence implies co=creation because it is an event or happening that is brought into our life and to which we either do or do not respond. It molds our destiny. We become a partner to the event.

When we look back over our life it is easier to connect the dots and to see how one situation led to another. We can even wonder why we were so concerned or worried about how things would work out. If we had been able at the time to connect more deeply with our spiritual journey we would have trusted the process more. We would have believed in the power of Universal Intelligence. The challenge is to let go of the critical and sceptical response from our thinking brain that likes to censor whatever we think.

Synchronicities are signals of important things that are happening in our life. If we want to experience more of them we need to become aware of more than what is happening in our everyday lives.

To what are you paying attention to in your life? What desire or dream do you currently have that you would like solved? What promptings or experiences have you had that have indicated a certain direction to you? What coincidences or chance encounters have you experienced, and what impact did these have on you?

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