Subtle Shifts in Inner Power

Sometimes we experience subtle shifts in our inner power when we are experiencing challenges at work and in our personal life.  Life just happens and we may find ourselves just not feeling that strong or energised to deal with the on-going day to day tests that arise. This inner shift may be so subtle that we may be unaware of how we are feeling. We are just human after all, so it is unrealistic to have the expectation that we will always feel motivated and positive every day!

A client recently commented that she begins to doubt herself, her abilities and what makes her passionate when business is slow. Another finds that relentless demands of being a business owner slowly starts to chip away at her ability to be resilient the whole time.

When we are in this space there are a few things we can do to move through it. The first step is to become aware of when you are feeling out of sorts or just not yourself. Take some time to work out what is affecting you: is there something specific that happened or is it just various issues that seem to be getting to you? Or don’t you know?

It is important to note that at these times when we have lost our inner power temporarily that it is our ability to fight back that is low. We may briefly lack a balanced perspective of life. We could find that everything seems so much worse than it actually is. Or your outlook may be coloured to such an extent that you may feel overwhelmed and lose your inner power and courage.

You may have briefly forgotten about your past successes. Or perhaps you just lack the inner resources in your current situation to deal effectively with the challenges.

At times like these it is important to honour what you are experiencing and to work out what has triggered you losing power. Do you need to take some kind of action? Do you just need to be compassionate and understanding towards yourself? Are your demands of yourself too high? Do you need to ride this time out until you have worked out what is affecting you?

Life is always a balance of knowing when to take action and when just to surrender to the process and allow a situation to evolve. Of course it may be a bit of a challenge to know what is required of us in a specific situation. At these times it is often very valuable to speak to a trusted person so that you can be aware of what is happening and to gain a different perspective.

Is your inner voice trying to give you a message that you keep on ignoring? Are you entering a different phase of life which may mean that you need to make different choices for your well-being, success and happiness? Or do you just need a bit of “breathing” space, where you can rest and just “be” before you become rejuvenated to take on the next phase of your work?

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