Intuition: Hearing your Inner Voice

We live in a society where so much emphasis is placed on developing our minds and our intellect. There is another level we need to become more conscious of and that is our inner voice, gut-feel, intuition – whatever you choose to call it. Many successful businessmen and leaders often end up making decisions on their gut feel – when all the facts and figures may be there, but they have some kind of feeling that either confirms what the facts may say or that gives them a different kind of message.

So let’s get practical and look at some examples of how your inner voice may try to grab your attention:

  1. You may on the way to work, in the shower or playing with your children, suddenly and out of the blue get an idea. It could be a way to expand your business. It could be to call a client. It may be a solution to something you have been pondering on for a while.
  2. On the other hand you may have a niggly feeling that you actually should be going for a physical check up. You may have been feeling a little off colour or just feel that you are not your usual self. Instead of ignoring this, make the appointment.
  3. You may have a feeling about a client or a potential business deal – either a warm, good feeling or it could be that something is bothering you and you cannot quite work out what it is. Trust this feeling!
  4. You may be aware that something is unsettling you – you could be experiencing a vague feeling of restlessness, unease or tension. Take time to sit with this and to reflect and ponder.

So how do you develop your intuition?

Intuition does not follow a logical well thought through process. In fact it works in just the opposite way. Intuition thrives in open spaces where our mind and brain is free from busy-ness. For some of us the evenings may be the time when our intuition works at its best: when everyone has settled down and we may be fortunate enough to be alone for 20-30 minutes. For others it is when they are in the shower or while jogging, cycling or walking in nature. The bottom line is that we need to create some quiet time in our lives for this voice to be heard.

We also need to become aware of the daily intuitive messages that surface through our “feelings” or just “knowing” we need to do something. The more we take note of and respond to these nudges, the stronger our intuition will become. Another practical application would be when you need to make a business decision, is just check it out against how you “feel” about the decision you chose.

Be playful and open like a child……………….and see what surfaces for you over the next few weeks! Let your intuition be your guide. Contact me.

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