Stress Checklist

Checklist on Health and Well-Being

Respond to the questions below to gain an indication of your current state of health and well-being.


Question YES NO
Are you skipping meals?
Are you eating junk food?
Are you struggling to get some form of active exercise at least 3x a week?
Do you suffer from insomnia?
Do you struggle to switch your mind off work?
Are you lacking energy?
Do you become impatient with people?
Do you feel tense and anxious most of the time?
Have you lost your passion for your work?
Do you push yourself to take on more than you should?
Do you often feel drained, depressed or helpless?
Do you lack energy over weekends to do fun activities or to socialise?
Do you work late every day?
Is your personal life low on the list of your priorities?
Do you smoke or drink so as to feel relaxed?


Total your scores under the YES and NO column.

YES Scores Comment
0-3 You are managing the demands in your life
4-6 There are some indications of red lights appearing and you would be wise to take some corrective action to break unhelpful habits
7-9 You need to make a conscious effort to break patterns of behaviour that are detrimental to your health and well-being
9> You are in a danger zone and definitely need to consult with a medical practitioner and a coach or psychologist who can support you or equip you to deal with challenges.