Mastering Relationships

This intervention highlights just how important good relationships are in life. It sounds obvious but often we miss some essential points. We explore inner and interpersonal factors that impact on your relationships. We revisit those aspects that are a touch more challenging. Through this you will gain deeper insight into yourself. In addition, you will also find new tools and strategies to assist you going forward. As a result you will be more aware of the dynamics in your interactions. You will also be able to make more conscious decisions as opposed to being reactive.

Contact me if you want to understand yourself and others better or improve your relationships. 



This intervention enables you to:

  • Understand the importance of good relationships in achieving personal success
  • Understand the factors that influence relationships, both constructively as well as negatively
  • Identify ways to build and strengthen relationships
  • Learn about your style of interacting and how it impacts on your interactions
  • Learn how to “read” other people better
  • Enhance your Emotional Intelligence to master your own responses
  • Build solid rapport with other people