PsychMastery offers products and services that enable Executives and Business Owners to understand what drives their behaviour and better equips them to respond to on-going challenges. The aim of the various programmes is to increase self-awareness, provide deeper insight into inner and interpersonal dynamics and provide strategies to increase personal effectiveness.

Although there are a variety of structured programmes, products are customised to meet the needs of the client when required.


Mastering Power Dynamics in Business

This programme provides insight into the psychology of doing business. It equips Executives and Business Owners to recognise and master factors and circumstances involving power plays that are such an integral part of business these days. Read more

Mastering Relationships

This programme explores the role of relationships in achieving success and various personal and interpersonal factors that impact on the sustainability of relationships. Read more

Self-Esteem in the Workplace

This programme builds your core self so that you will be robust enough to handle the normal day to day demands and challenges that work-life brings. Read more

Stress Management

This programme addresses the link between the mind, emotional state and the status of your health. It covers various aspects impacting on our stress levels as well as offering strategies for managing stress. Read more

Midlife: How to Manage the Transition

This programme equips any individual who finds themselves at a crossroads during midlife. The focus is to take stock their life, factors that may influence decisions about their future and an opportunity to explore alternatives options for the future. Read more

Equip Yourself for Retirement 

This programme assists a high powered individual to be better prepared for the emotional and psychological impact of retirement. Read more