Mastering Power Dynamics in Business

This intervention is about the psychology of business. It is also about your approach to life. We explore critical aspects that help you understand and master power plays in your interactions.  We review those aspects in which you feel you lose power. And we unpack and address the reasons for this.

If you feel conflicted in certain situations, are demotivated or not functioning optimally, contact me so that you can understand and equip yourself better.


The intervention enables you to:

  • Understanding what true power is
  • Understand the difference between power versus force
  • Understand power dynamics in business and relationships
  • Learn more about yourself and how you deal with power
  • Understand the triggers that impact on your effectiveness
  • Identify and address potentially derailing influences in your career and life
  • Learn how to neutralise power plays and master your responses to challenging situations
  • Learn how to improve your own effectiveness

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