Why PsychMastery?

Taking Stock

Do you:

  • Feel alone and isolated?
  • Have to wear a mask to cope at work?
  • Feel overwhelmed, out of sorts, depleted or disconnected?
  • Find interpersonal relationships demanding?
  • Face challenges with regard to managing your team?
  • Feel dis-empowered in certain situations at work?
  • Either not feel on top of your job currently or have you lost interest?

These are all signs that you will benefit from coaching.


I understand the demands of business.  Furthermore I have extensive experience in the psychology of people dynamics.  Thirdly, my in-depth knowledge and experience in the mind, emotion, body and soul connection enables me to  help you at all levels of your day to day functioning. And to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

 So PsychMastery offers:

  • A safe space to explore your inner world and help you understand yourself better
  • A safe space for reflection so that you make more conscious and helpful decisions in life
  • An objective sounding board with whom to discuss challenges your face
  • Effective and practical psychological and mind-body frameworks, tools and processes
  • Expertise on people dynamics and behaviour
  • Knowledge and insight into the connection between our mind, emotions, body and soul
  • Exploration and assessment of work-life balance and the effects of stress on health and well-being

The services offered by PsychMastery are: