PsychMastery Approach

As a senior manager or business owner you are under the relentless pressure of having to react to external demands and crises. During periods of immense and prolonged stress, your inherent coping styles will surface. This will impact on your ability to make considered and powerful decisions.  Often the way you cope with stress is less than helpful, and in some cases may be positively devastating.

I believe that clients have the answers to their problems within themselves. Creating a safe, confidential and professional space, is the first step in enabling my clients to risk exploring aspects of their beliefs, thoughts, tendencies and behaviour, that might influence their decisions and responses.

My first aim is to build a relationship of trust and to gain an understanding of your world. Through deep listening I am able to identify the core issues that may be preventing you from being an authentic and effective leader; and striving for greater meaning and balance in your life.

The PsychMastery approach is eclectic: I utilise my strong business experience with my in-depth understanding of psychological processes and behaviour to understand the issues you face. My methodology stresses a holistic and integrated approach which focusses strongly on the relationship between the mind, emotions, our physical and spiritual well-being. If we want to live a balanced, integrated and meaningful life, we need to pay attention to the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual sides of our being.

My role is to focus on what is required by my clients from not only a business and productivity perspective, but also personal fulfillment. This means that we will also review the personal aspects of health and well-being, as you are one person whether you are at work and or at home. My approach is practical and grounded in my hands-on experience in the business environment. It is also strongly grounded in a holistic view of life. I strive to enable the type of positive change that enables my clients to grow and develop.

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