What is your legacy? Is it purely the financial or material assets you leave your children?

A crucial part of our legacy is actually to share our story with our children. Parents do not think of writing up or telling their story. Or they consider it too time consuming.

Often children only become interested in their lineage when their parents have either forgotten a great deal or are no longer there to share their story. So children are left knowing very little about the most important people in their lives: their parents.

In consulting with executives and individuals I am very aware that I am privy to their inner world. At these times I cannot but help wonder if their own children know any of this about their parents!african-saying_shYour Story

So writing up a part of your story is a service I offer. The intention is to find out more about your lineage, family, your background, etc. It is about documenting those rich stories that have shaped you as an individual.


I use a structured questionnaire as a basis for my interviews.

End product

You will have a professionally bound book on your life to leave behind for your children and grandchildren one day.

Feedback from a general manager when we took stock of his work life was that he did not know how I managed to get him to set aside the time. My response to him: His 60 years is so much richer than just being reduced to the bottom-line of his achievements.

I am interested in the person behind the achievements. It is this part in my experience that interests children about their parents. Contact me if you are keen to document your story.