I founded PsychMastery because I understand that the Executive’s or Business Owner’s journey can be a solitary one. Through more than 18 years’ experience in the corporate and commercial sectors, and more than a decade in private practice as a clinical and industrial psychologist, I know that senior managers and business owners are often isolated. You need to be careful whom you trust; few people are privy to your inner thoughts and emotions; and you are expected to handle all kinds of challenges with ease. The reality however, is that you are human, and so also need support.

PsychMastery enables you and your team to reflect, take stock, re-equip and re-energise yourselves. This will enable you to handle transition and continuous challenges inherent in the business world. Working with me, you will gain deeper insight into yourself and your team. Furthermore, you will discover your capacity to successfully manage the curved balls of the commercial environment and life.

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About Me

I am a qualified clinical and industrial psychologist who has extensive corporate environment exposure. In addition, I have an in-depth understanding of the human psyche and mind-body connection.

While in the business environment I held various positions. These varied roles equipped me with a broad skill-set and expertise. My experiences gave me an in-depth understanding of the structures, business processes and procedures and people management knowledge and skills required to establish and manage a business effectively. My time in the corporate world highlighted the universality of personal and professional issues, regardless of cultural, gender or socio-economic status.

I gained first-hand experience of individual and team dynamics. It was evident how people at all levels within a company lose their energy and motivation due to a lot of factors. These include continuous change, restructuring, relationship challenges, and personal and professional pressures. I observed how various circumstances affected individual productivity, effectiveness, and the well-being of managers and individuals.

The Inside Story

I studied psychology to gain a better understanding of myself and others. Little did I realise at the time that book knowledge was not going to provide what I was looking for! The only way I would gain this knowledge is through being in the territory of experiencing life. As the saying goes “Life is the initiation”.

My time in the corporate environment educated me strongly in the masculine side of life: being driven, pushing for results, etc. I experienced a strong sense of community, interacted with a wide variety of people and developed invaluable knowledge, skills and experience.

Over time though I realised I had lost myself. The darker side of the corporate world began to drain me. And slowly I became disconnected from my truth and what fed my soul.

Having a child at an advanced age seemed to be the turning point. I knew the second half of my life would be very different but had no idea how. A change was needed. So my husband and I left the corporate world to start a new life. Being a parent is the most rewarding experience I could ever have wished for. So I feel truly blessed to have been the custodian of another soul.

This second half of my life has been about going deeper within and connecting with the feminine energy in life. It has been about re-establishing my identity outside of a job title or my earnings. Even more so, it has been about connecting with the essence of who I am and finding my place in the world. It has been about finding my true passion and living it. This process has also been about accepting my humanness and making room for my intuition.

Looking back I came to experience the strong connection between our mind, emotions, health and soul. The challenges life brought has taken me deeper into each of these aspects. As a result I see how important it is to focus on each of these to maintain balance in life.

Even those years when I seemed to feel lost or unsure of what to next, my soul somehow knew where I needed to go. All I had to do was get myself (ego, defenses, pride, baggage, etc) out of the way!

My mission now is to help others to connect with the essence of themselves. In doing so they learn to honour their own journey and connect with what truly makes them sing.

I believe that if you want to experience peace, joy, love and contentment in life you need to explore and understand your inner world. This will determine how fulfilled you feel as well as the mark you leave on this world.

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