I founded PsychMastery because I understand that being human can be quite a daunting journey. We  live in a world that is changing rapidly. As a result the demands on us are significant. Without even realising it you can find yourself on a path that is so far removed from who you truly are. Or where you want to be. Unless you are aware of what is happening to you, the demands of life may dictate where you will end up. And when you wake up to the reality, years have passed by.

I observe how disconnected people are or feel. Either they are caught up on this ever moving treadmill coping in unhelpful ways. Or they are questioning whether this is what life is about. So many people seem to have lost touch with the essence of who they are beneath all the masks and defenses.

PsychMastery enables you to reconnect with the essence of who you are. I also help you to bring deeper meaning back into your life through the use of sacred ceremony. In this way, you will feel that there is divine presence guiding you. You will also feel a greater degree of community with the important people in your life.

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About Me

I am a qualified clinical and industrial psychologist who has in-depth experience in the corporate environment as well as private practice.

I spent close on 2 decades in the corporate world delivering results within a typically male dominated environment. This environment was ideal for developing the required knowledge, skills and attitudes to be successful.

During this time I observed how the pressures of the business world directly affect the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of individuals. I noticed the immense inner turmoil that comes from losing inner power. Or not fitting in or enjoying being part of a large system. This tension often impacted negatively on an individual’s core being. As a result they felt less fulfilled, happy and productive.

So PsychMastery was established to equip individuals in business to master the inevitable challenges of balancing work and their personal life. My services included management consulting, workshops and one to one sessions.

During this time I became fascinated with the strong connection between the mind, emotions, body and spirit. The connection was very obvious when seeing the impact stress was having on the mental, emotional and physical well-being of my clients.

In more recent times I have observed how many of my clients are unhappy or feel disconnected from life and themselves. This manifests in depression, addictions, feelings of boredom and disengagement. As a result my focus now is to help individuals to connect with their deeper self, the essence of who they are. This enables them to identify their true calling and live a more meaningful and inspired life.


My Mission

The past two decades presented many opportunities where I experienced life changing moments through sacred ceremony. Each ceremony was very different and the impact truly long lasting for me as well as those who participated.

The focus of PsychMastery now is to facilitate sacred ceremony.  Sacred ceremony touches the very core of your being. It brings about inner shifts in the most unexpected ways. In so doing you will connect with your true self. And in so doing you will develop a renewed appreciation for life and all its experiences.

I believe that if you want to experience peace, joy, love and contentment you need to explore and understand your inner world. This will determine how fulfilled you feel as well as the mark you leave on this world.