Manage your Company with Heart and Soul

Managing with heart and soul requires self-awareness.  It is easy to be a clinical, calculating and coercive business leader. This approach requires little effort or skill. On the other hand, leading with heart and soul asks for restraint and self-reflection.

So why bother to manage with heart and soul?

If you manage with heart and soul, you live your vision as opposed to purely achieving your business objectives.  Your passion automatically spills over to the rest of your team. As a result they are as motivated as you to make your business dream a reality. In a way you will be putting who you are and what feeds your soul, into the running and future of your business.

Beneath this lies wonderful energy that is invigorating and stimulating. In fact this energy acts as an on-going catalyst to bring about the required changes to grow and expand your business. This energy is so palpable that it attracts like-minded individuals who want to be part of your team.

If on the other hand, you struggle to get all your team members on board, it could well be that something is amiss within yourself. What energy do you project at work? What is your team mirroring back to you about yourself? How are you or your management style contributing to the problems experienced by your team?

When we blame others for what is going wrong, it means we fail to take responsibility for our role in the situation. Running your own business will surface many challenges that reflect back on you. This can often be hard to face. And this is one reason why it is essential to get to know yourself well.

How to manage with heart and soul

Know what you stand for. Heart and soul automatically implies that your business focus shifts from yourself to making a difference at a broader level. Therefore you want to do what is best for the greater good of your team and the business community you serve. So if you want to do well you will realise that your business is not exclusively about profit at all costs. It is very much about strong and solid relationships.

So what values are important to you? How do you want your employees to see their career at your company? What mark do you want to leave on their lives?  Do you want to be remembered for being a wonderful leader who inspired his team or one who was purely interested in making money?

How well do you know yourself? Who are you beneath the layers of masks? Who is the real you in your softer moments? How is the real you reflected in your business or the way you operate?

Drop any façades. Be real and honest with yourself. Connect with the essence of who you are and interact with your team from this place. When you are real you create a space for others to be the same. Your team will respond positively to you being authentic.

Create a safe space. When we interact with others from our heart we generate an energy that allows others to open up. And when this happens they too will communicate from their heart. Communication becomes transparent and real, devoid of pretense.  We feel comfortable to risk sharing our inner world with others. Where there is distrust or low emotional intelligence in a team relationships are often very destructive. This has a serious impact on the morale of a team.

Is your team caught in personality dynamics or power games at work? Are you struggling to connect with your team? Is there a dynamic in your team that fails to bring the best out in everyone?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions coaching  can help you re-align your business with your vision.


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