Connect with Your Deeper Self

Experiences in life give us many opportunities to connect with our deeper self. It seems as if a large part of our life is living out there, exploring, participating, learning, etc. But as the years move on we find that we become more aware of our inner world. So how do we connect with our core, deeper self?

Awakening at a young age

Some children are born with an awareness of the world and deeper issues facing humanity. They already are connected with their true essence. So you find them at a young age talking about larger causes. For example, Donovan is aware of the plight of rhinos. At the age of 10 he does fund -raising for a project that protects rhinos. There is another youngster, Cassie, who makes beautiful paintings. Proceeds go to various charities. We see so many examples these days of children who find ways to solve day to day problems facing humanity.

Gradual deepening of the spirit

For many individuals the experiences of life bring them closer to themselves. Sometimes they have inner promptings which encourage them to explore new avenues. This is a chance to connect with their deeper self. A new world often opens up through books, articles or videos on spirituality. Or perhaps you meet someone “by chance” who changes your life in some way. Sometimes feelings of discontent precede this gradual deepening. You reach your early forties and wonder: “Is this it? Is this what life is about?”

Perhaps you are tired of being on the corporate treadmill. Or maybe you are no longer interested in what previously motivated you. As a result you want something different or more meaningful in your life. Sometimes it takes years before we “get the message.” Our logical brain is quick to shoot down any ideas to explore something else. You may be in a comfortable job with a guaranteed monthly income.  Then it is no wonder your logical brain says you are crazy to consider other options.

And so often the first sign of our soul calling to us, is silenced very quickly by our critical brain. Here is a message, albeit it often a subtle hint, to connect with your deeper self. How many of us in large corporations feel we have little choice but to stay there until retirement? Unless we find renewed meaning in life, it is a slow path to purely existing and living for weekends and holidays. One senior manager once told me that is all he lives for.

Wake up call

Many people wake up to their soul’s calling after a major crisis such as a health scare. You may have had a heart attack or been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer. Or perhaps you face retrenchment. More often than not it takes a serious disease to wake us up despite the fact that there are little red lights long before. On the other hand, it could be the unexpected death of a loved one or colleague that starts a process of introspection.

Suddenly you are aware of how precious life is. You register there is no guarantee you will be here tomorrow. So this wake-up call triggers a period of taking stock of your life and working out how you would prefer to spend your time.

Hearing the call to connect with our deeper self can be hampered by our fears. Often in a crisis we have a knee jerk reaction. And so our emotions take over and we are too afraid to take some time out to work out what we really want to do. But any crisis offers us an opportunity to tune in to our deeper self and to decide “where to from here”.

Are you facing a crisis? Do you have underlying feelings of discontent? Have you lost your passion for the work you do? Do you dread going to work?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions or you would like to connect with your true essence, coaching will most certainly be beneficial.


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