Know Yourself

Our journey through life certainly is a long journey within. Sometimes this process is conscious but very often not. Life has the gift of dipping us unexpectedly into all kinds of experiences which offer us a chance to explore ourselves deeper. The inner journey can feel a little lonely, unnerving, or daunting at times. Other times we may well feel exhilarated and blessed. All of these encounters are part of what goes with being human. I am a qualified clinical and industrial psychologist. In a confidential space you can share your true thoughts, emotions and beliefs and be accepted for who you are. Through inner work you will connect more deeply with your real self. I equip you to deal with life’s challenges more effectively and to explore matters close to your heart. As a result you will settle comfortably into your own skin and live a truly authentic life centered in your own well-being, feeling more at ease, grounded and content with life and yourself.

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